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Jacues Maudy, photo Gianluca CasacciaJacques Maudy was born in Tangier, Morocco, from a French mother and a father of Spanish origin. Both languages were spoken at home.

Jacques followed his parents who settled in Paris when he was 16.
In 1978 he started a mail order company that became a 120 staff operation spanning three continents.
In 1989 he became a direct marketing consultant and CEO of an advertising agency that he sold four years later. 

In 1995 he and his family moved to settle permanently on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. The family acquired Australian citizenship two years after immigrating.

Jacques is an active citizen. He shares his knowledge in entrepreneurship with the students of the Sunshine Coast University where he was a regular speaker. He is a motivational speaker and business adviser.

He is a supporter of Greenpeace and Get Up! and was among the early protesters against the plight of the refugees in Australia.

Jacques is an aerobatic pilot who made third at the Qld Championships and a  scuba diver.

In Australia he undertook photography and attended the Sunshine Coast School of Photography directed by Colin Beard.

Jacques is interested in documenting changing societies and how the changes impact on people’s lives.

He travelled to Cuba in January and February 2012 following a radio interview of the Cuban minister of the economy announcing the sacking of 25% of the country’s workforce from State controlled companies to incite them to create private enterprises virtually inexistent in Cuba before this decision.

Since the election of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar was on his radar. Jacques volunteered in June 2012 to document Yangon (Rangoon – Myanmar) heritage buildings for the Yangon Heritage Trust. Myanmar is undergoing massive political changes and Yangon is the last intact colonial city in Asia. The lift of the embargo saw the developers rush in. Defining heritage zones and enacting legislation to protect the architectural heritage is a matter of urgency. Australian Minister Bob Carr has committed a team of Australian experts to the Yangon Heritage Trust. The issue of protecting the heritage buildings of Yangon seems to be on track to have a positive outcome.

He travelled to Myanmar with Italian photographer Jimi Casaccia Annie Gaffney, ABC Radio journalist. Read her blog Burma – a changing landscape

He confounded JJMC PHOTO, a partnership with Italian photographer Jimi Casaccia. Jacques acquired a deep knowledge of Maynmar political and social issues. He is a regular contributor to The Irrawaddy Magazine.

Jacques is a member of The Tribe Press Agency. Follow the link to see his latest stories.

Moran International Photography Prize 2012 Semi Finalist


November 2010 “Nudes’ Exhibition in Yandina QLD
March 2011 “Nudes” Exhibition in West End – Brisbane QLD May 2012“Cuba 2012, A pain that doesn’t kill you doesn’t last for ever” Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane, documenting the radical changes about to happen in Cuba
June 2012 “Yangon, A City to Rescue” Strand Hotel, Yangon Myanmar (Burma) with Jimi Casaccia September 2012 “Fifty Shades of Grey” Collective Selection bt Saatchi London New York
August 2013 “Yangon, A City to Rescue”, Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia with Jimi Casaccia

“Cuba 2012”
“Yangon, a City to Rescue” – April 2013 in collaboration with Jimi Casaccia

Publications and media: Jacques photos have been published in in the Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times (UK), Australian Financial Revue, The Mizzima (Burma), The Myanmar Times, the Irrawaddy (Burma), The Gulf Times (Dubai), Euro Asia News, Culture 360, The Gulf Today (Dubai), Silkwinds Magazine (Singapore), Thai Visa News… Visit the media page